Rocky Point

In the rare occasion that I go home to Rhode Island, I try and find my way outside. This trip into the outdoors took my younger sister and I to Rocky Point, in Warwick, Rhode Island. The weather was mild for a late-winter, early-spring day, even with the gloomy overcast skies. My sister and I rarely see each other so it was a nice chance to get out and hangout like we did while we were children.

Rocky Point used to be an amusement park in the 50’s but currently is a park with trails and a small beach. This park is unique since it still has pieces of rides lingering and a large parking lot that shows how nature will always find its way back when left untouched. The trails are relatively flat but still had some snow lingering. We skirted down the trails towards the ocean and sat on the rocks. We chatted and looked back on our childhood memories. We trudged through snow and ice to make our way around. The trail system is relatively short and in comparison of other “hikes”, I’m not sure this would compare. Although shorter and smaller, this adventure still proved to be a great day and allowed me to sit and reflect with family.

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