Bald Ledge

Some friends came up to visit from Rhode Island and of course, I had to take them for a little hike. We ventured east through Ashland to Bald Ledge Scenic Area. We parked in a small, muddy lot and began our trek. The topographical map showed a relatively flat hike with a distance of approximately a mile round trip. When I told my friends this, they took it upon themselves to dress up for “cute pics”. My friend Nicole wore fishnet tights and a leather skirt. I knew this would make for an interesting hike!


The trail was a huge mud pool, marking the beginning of the infamous New Hampshire “mud season”. My friends groaned about their shoes and outfits, while I was perfectly content in my jeans, flannel, and water-proof hiking boots. Our largest obstacle faced with this trail was one stream crossing. The water was a decent depth and was flowing quickly. I decided to walk right through it and came to the other side unharmed and dry. Nicole and the others didn’t want to go through the stream and were determined to find another way across. They walked through snow along the stream bank and found some rocks to cross on. The rocks were slippery and I watched with anxiety as each of them crossed. Nicole was last and as her Doc Martens hit the rocks, I prayed that she wouldn’t fall in. I couldn’t imagine the rest of the hike if she got wet, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. She made it safely across and I took a breath of relief as we continued on.


We can to the end of the trail and a beautiful lookout. The view opened up to see Winona Lake and Lake Winnipesaukee and the mountains of the Sandwich Range. I pointed out a few peaks that I had hiked before to my friends. They got their cute pictures and we began to head back. I always enjoy bringing friends out to see what a beautiful area I get to live in. I also find it quite humorous to bring them out into nature since they are definitely city kids at heart 🙂

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