Quincy Bog

Today’s adventure was more of a walk than a hike, but it still served as a brilliant day. With fresh powder on the ground, Teresa and I spontaneously decided to have a post-class adventure. With daylight fleeting, our options were limited. We settled on a quick jaunt around Quincy Bog, a local Plymouth gem.

I grabbed a couple of pairs of snowshoes from the Outdoor Center and we hit the road. Upon arrival, we saw that the fresh snow was untouched. We strapped in and started to break trail. Although the terrain was relatively flat, the going was slow. The straps on my snowshoes were coming undone every few minutes, making the experience slightly less enjoyable. But the peak of it all was the complete and utter silence.

One of my favorite things about the woods is the stillness. Besides the slight whisper of wind, I enjoyed the sound of silence that surrounded me. We only made it a quarter of the way around the bog before turning back. Although the trip was short, it was still worthwhile.

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